Centre Hospitalier Sainte Marie

Centre Hospitalier Sainte Marie

Sante Nou's Network of Hospital

Our mission

The essential mission of the CHSM is to integrate into the Haitian health system a new institution respectful of the standards and protocols in application, in order to offer both the public and health professionals, a technical platform that ensures the safety of its patients and its staff, the quality of care integrated in its medical services and a permanent presence with patients through its patient care service and its administrative departments.

Our Vision

SMHC aims to capture a large part of the Haitian medical market thanks to the availability of infrastructure and logistics that respect the standards and standards applied in Haiti and around the world, by its own medical, nursing and support staff who, by virtue of their attributions and their contributions, will enable the institution to provide its clientele with responsible and integrated care.

Our goals

Essential objective: To offer the services of a modern hospital, preferably of short duration of stay, where the patient is guaranteed to receive quality care and to be able to recover from his illness or his operation in a pleasant environment and with the best comfort possible.


01 April 2019


Sainte Marie hospital, Centre Hospitalier Sainte Marie