The emergency care service is to provide the best possible care to help stabilize our patients

We know that in cases of catastrophic illness or injury every second count. These life events may occur anywhere and no two patient emergencies are the same. We’ve got you covered. We provide you with a list of Travel Care Plan that provides comprehensive medical emergency services within Haiti in a network of designated health centers. You will have access to teams of medical emergency care specialists with advanced certifications that are mobilized to provide life-saving care in the country and when needed, bed-to-bed transfer from a hospital in Haiti to designated facilities in the United States and abroad.

Best emergency service in Haiti

#1) Sante Nou Haiti is the best emergency service in Haiti

Sante Nou's network hospitals offer both trauma emergency and medical emergency (non-trauma) care and work closely with a network of specialty care facilities in the Dominican Republic and the United States when further care is required.

The Sante Nou Emergency Services begin when an injured or ill subscriber anywhere in Haiti contacts us via a Smartphone App or Call Center hotline.


How the service works

Deployment of a well-trained local first responder

medical response team to administer life-saving first care at point-of-impact anywhere in Haiti

Patient transport

by ground or air ambulance to a designated healthcare facility within the Santé Nou network of hospitals

Emergency hospital care from a network

of select hospitals where care is triaged and provided based on the type of emergency involved

When additional care is needed

Coordination is made for air ambulance transportation to one of the Santé Nou specialized network of designated healthcare centers in the United States or other neighboring countries

#) 2 HERO provides Emergency Response

HERO provides emergency response, inter-facility, hospital transports for Haitian patients requiring ALS care during transport since ALS transport care is currently not available in the public EMS system. HERO is available to respond to emergencies at the request of the local hospitals, PNH, DPC, MSPP, and HERO frequently stop to aid and assist in emergencies HERO pass while on normal daily patrols (recent examples are mass casualty technical rescue from submerged tap-tap, a victim of a moto accident, and a cardiac arrest in a market, etc).

#3) Haiti Air Ambulance

This service is temporarily closed
Haiti Air Ambulance provides emergency helicopter services to the people of Haiti. HAA flies critically ill or injured patients to emergency medical care providers based solely on need.

Every mission we fly positively impacts patients, their families and the caregivers involved. Donor support enables missions as well as our interaction with medical personnel to promote a better overall health care system in this rapidly developing Caribbean nation.