visit your doctor

Getting ready to visit your doctor at a clinic or hospital

Usually, when you first call your doctor to make an appointment (or when you first arrive at a clinic or hospital) you will speak to a receptionist. Things that you should mention to the receptionist include:

  • whether you would like an interpreter – a professional interpreter will be arranged for you so that you and your doctor understand each other clearly
  • whether you specifically want to see either a male or female doctor.

Things that you can do to prepare before you visit your doctor include:

  • writing down in a notebook all your reasons for your visit, and any concerns or questions that you might have about your situation
  • preparing a list of all your medications, your doses and how often you take them (or take your medications along with you)
  • making sure that you have your Medicare card with you
  • arranging to have someone (such as a friend or family member) with you at your appointment – you might want them to speak on your behalf or help you to remember important information, or to be there for comfort and support
  • making sure that you have your glasses or hearing aids with you (if you use them)
  • choosing clothes to wear for your visit that can be easily removed, if required.