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Sante Nou's Purpose:

Like many of us, a tragedy in Haiti created the personal drive to build an entirely different kind of health care company (US logistic) from the ground up—one that focuses on improving the human development index and that unlocks access to affordable, high-quality and economically sustainable care and wellness in ways never before imagined. Today, we are the largest private, local first responder physicians-led health care network—caring for millions of people across Haiti and beyond. Our transformative, fully integrated model represents a new beginning for a health care system that will improve life expectancy in Haiti and others around the world.

The Santé Nou service makes emergency care available to persons traveling to Haiti, while simultaneously linking the primary care needs of their families and loved ones residing in Haiti. The Santé Nou service brings peace of mind to travelers, especially when faced with unforeseen medical emergencies during their travels to Haiti.

The primary care service extends to residents of Haiti access to a series of basic preventative and primary care services, including history, physical, clinical laboratory, diagnostic radiology, vaccinations, and basic medications.

"The primary care voucher will help loved ones receive access to preventative and primary care, which will improve their health and when this happens, so will life expectancy in Haiti," said JP Michel, Chairman, and CEO of Santé Nou Health. 

When a US traveler subscribes to the emergency care service and becomes the main subscriber (or account holder), they will receive one free primary care voucher to sponsor family members to receive access to primary care throughout Haiti. In the end, both travelers and residents of Haiti alike will find peace of mind because of the Santé Nou service.


JP Michel


Chairman and CEO, Santé Nou Health, Inc

Mr. Michel has over two decades of experience as an investment professional in capital markets and the fund management industry. Prior to Santé Nou, Mr. Michel served as the Managing Partner of Blue Ocean Harvest (BOH), a capital markets firm he created in 2007. BOH provides capital solutions to mid-cap firms in Latin America (LATAM) that are seeking entry into the US capital markets. 

Mr. Michel played an essential role in expanding the firm’s operations across LATAM and, in this capacity, has advised a number of presidents, finance ministers, and central bank governors from the region.

Prior to BOH, Mr. Michel served as Vice President at heritage JP Morgan, leading its Lab Morgan group across various tech ventures and investments. Mr. Michel joined IFS, Ltd. in 1997, a pioneer in fund administration. As a Director, Mr. Michel built its Dublin, Ireland operations and contributed to IFS’s successful acquisition by State Street Bank in 2002.

Mr. Michel’s work has been a culmination of his extensive professional background and a continued passion to help others. His philanthropic spirit has found a way into many of his endeavors, allowing him to aid businesses in growth worldwide. He continues his social-service mission by engaging young Haitian professionals via his work as Chairman of the Board of the National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals (NAAHP).



Like many of us, Our visionary’s (JP Michel) personal healthcare tragedy in Haiti created the personal drive to envision Santé Nou.

Dr. Rajiv Dahiya


Chief Medical Officer, Santé Nou Health, Inc

Raj Dahiya, M.D., serves as the to Sante Nou Health LLC and Co-Founder to Santé Nou Health, multi-decade population health, and human development initiative being developed in conjunction with a large multilateral development bank. Dr. Dahiya is a board-certified radiation oncologist with extensive experience in prostate, breast and lung cancer as well as brain tumors. He is a 1994 graduate of the first US 6-year combined BA/MD program at the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine. He went on to complete residencies in Internal Medicine followed by Radiation Oncology. Dr. Dahiya, in 2013, received further studies at Harvard Business School under the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Program.

He is a co-founder and past Medical Director of the San Antonio Head and Neck Cancer Tumor Board and successfully built one of the largest multispecialty practices in South Texas. In 2016, Dr. Dahiya further broadened his scope by helping to co-found Predictive Medical Solutions, a high complexity laboratory, based in Dallas, Texas. He has served as a Board member of Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) in San Antonio and on the Medical Advisory Council of Lone Star National Bank. He was inducted into YPO in 2011 and selected by his peers to lead a joint collaboration between the chapters in Mexico City and San Antonio. Dr. Dahiya was later elected YPO Membership Chair of his chapter in 2013 and helped facilitate substantial member growth.

Dr. Dahiya has been an Attending Physician for a number of hospitals within HCA and Vanguard/Baptist, as well as Christus Health Systems. He has served as a Medical Consultant to Mumbai based CSC Biopharmaceuticals. In 2013, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of YPO San Antonio, and he remains an active member of a variety of local, national and international initiatives dedicated to the advancement of cancer medicine, cancer science, and cancer prevention.

Dr. Dahiya received advanced GammaKnife stereotactic radiosurgery training at the prestigious Leksell Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden and has authored a number of scientific articles and reviews related to oncology, particularly within the space of oropharyngeal head & neck, lung, and prostate cancer. In 2014, Dr. Dahiya, co-authored and published a book entitled Understanding Micro inflammation: The Common Link Between Aging, Cancer and Coronary Disease which explains complex molecular mechanisms found in both of the top two causes of mortality in the US.

His present research activities are focused on the prevention of cancer, including assessment of risk factors, and helping build scalable, preventative medicine models at the primary care level.

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Sante Nou's Impact

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Sante Nou's Approach
Sante Nou is fighting to improve the health of Haitian living in Haiti and to achieve a new era of wellness.
Sante Nou's Mission
Sante Nou set out to build an entirely different kind of health care company (logistic) from the ground up—one that focuses on improving the human development index and that unlocks access to affordable, high-quality and economically sustainable care and wellness in ways never before imagined.

What Sante Nou solve and offer!


Without Sante Nou visitors to Haiti have no access to emergency care


Visitors now have access to emergency care

With Sante Nou you now have access to emergency care in Haiti when you become a subscriber of Sante Nou services.


Resident in Haiti have no access to basic health care

Over 10.5 million Haitian living in Haiti will die without ever seeing a doctor.


Resident in Haiti now can have access to health care

With Sante Nou you can now sponsor a loved one in Haiti to receive primary & and preventative care. This will help improve human development index in Haiti.
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